I have "Color Filters for WooCommerce" plugin and "color" taxonomy.

Each taxonomy have one custom field - color picker.

I want to display on archive page current color picker value of each product's.

I can call

get_option( 'nm_taxonomy_colors' );

And I'll get all values from this field, but I need only current.

This plugin have doc, but I don't know how I can use this filters

  • Hi, I think the plugin only provides filtration and does not show individual product's colors. You should check all the meta_values for each product_id. You may find selected colors there. Try using get_meta_values(). Commented Mar 20, 2017 at 12:06

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The author of plugin help me with that. Thanks all.

global $post;
        $product_colors = get_the_terms( $post, 'product_color' );
        $saved_colors = get_option( 'nm_taxonomy_colors' );

        if(isset($product_colors) && is_array($product_colors)){
            foreach($product_colors as $color){
                $term_id = $color->term_id;

                $hex_code = $saved_colors[$term_id];

                echo $hex_code . '<br />';

you can use it like this.

$saved_colors = get_option( 'nm_taxonomy_colors' );
//just use current term_id here.
$color = @$saved_colors[$current_term_id];
echo $color //anywhere you want on single product page.

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