Yesterday I move some of my WordPress product to trash, and keep only 4 products available.

Today I open my site, all trash products was not there? But the 4 products still there.

I don't know are them deleted automatically? What happen, please advice me?


Check the value for the constant EMPTY_TRASH_DAYS. With this constant can you control how long is the time to save in trash before delete automatically. Check at first the wp-config.php for this constant, maybe is set in your installation for a small value. The codex write more about the constant and his possibilities.

Also it is possible to change the default via hooks, like pre_delete_post. A good point to debug is the function wp_delete_post() in post.php.

But you write about 'products', maybe you have active a custom post type there add this post type and the enhancement, the plugin have a option for the function, timestamp to delete this post type Product.

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  • i am sorry i can't understand you well, i will repeat my question again the trash got empty? is this due to new option applied or failure happen before the trash item didn't deleted even it stay for 1 year the day before the accident 1. I install a new plugin for justify and underline 2. Configure the setting of Yoast plugin 3. Delete cash by my cashing plugin i doubt that one of the following causing the problem, or i make empty trash by mistake Really i feeling doubt – adel Mar 20 '17 at 7:37
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    I can't get a solid answer. It give a lot of point to check this and solve it. But my answer point you to the possibilities to check this. WP remove all items in the trash on default after 30 days, but each plugin, definition of the constant can change this. – bueltge Mar 20 '17 at 10:58

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