WordPress stores all uploads in:


I want to store featured images of my custom post type like:


No date subdirectories etc. I want all the files to be EXACTLY in the same directory.

Also I'd like to have these files resized before placed in the folder(I guess set_post_thumbnail_size() will be good enough).

Is it possible?


If you wonder why I'm asking for that - the answer is Piecemaker I (I don't like the latest version). I want it to display images from Slider custom post type automatically and unluckily Piecemaker takes two arguments - filename (different for every file) and file directory (the same in all cases, so images added in different months won't be displayed together).

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After all I figured out I'm able to get exact address of these files using to use get_post_thumbnail_id(), wp_get_attachment_url(), wp_get_attachment_thumb_file(), wp_get_attachment_image_src() within piecemakersXML file.

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