iam new with php and wordpress. i try to implement a shortcode which should only work for a specific slug for my website. all other sites should do another shortcode.

i tryed this:

if( is_page( ( 'azubi');
     <?php echo do_shortcode( '[contact-form-7 id="274"       title="Bewerbungsformular_beruf" ]' ); ?> 
     <?php echo do_shortcode( '[contact-form-7 id="2741"     title="Bewerbungsformular_berufe" ]' ); ?> 

 <?phpendif ?>

but with this i got an error. i thin php syntax is wrong? works this solution for that i want to have?

best regards tom


In this line if( is_page( ( 'azubi'); you start but not end the round bracket ["(" OR ")"] and not used semicolon after the if condition used colon like if( is_page('azubi')):

if( is_page('azubi')):
     echo do_shortcode( '[contact-form-7 id="274" title="Bewerbungsformular_beruf" ]' ); 
     echo do_shortcode( '[contact-form-7 id="2741" title="Bewerbungsformular_berufe" ]' ); 


Check this : https://developer.wordpress.org/reference/functions/is_page/

Enter correct page name.

     if( is_page('About Us')):
                 echo do_shortcode('[contact-form-7 id="263" title="Contact form 1"]');
                 echo do_shortcode('[contact-form-7 id="264" title="Contact form 1_copy"]');

  • thanks! no there is no php error anymore. but the code is not doing what he should. on all pages there is still the same contactform. but on the page /karriere/azubi there should be another one. Can you help me? – tom84 Mar 17 '17 at 11:03
  • I think you can wrong page title enter in is_page() because this code run in my setup. please check the updated answer. – Jignesh Patel Mar 17 '17 at 11:33
  • it works! thanks! i was in a custom post type and thatswhy i have to use is_single , thanks! – tom84 Mar 17 '17 at 11:39

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