How can I use do_action and add_action to return an array in do_action?

My sample code:

function name_fun_one(){
    $namearray[] = array('k1'=> 'text1', 'k2' => 'text1');
    $namearray[] = array('k1'=> 'text2', 'k2' => 'text2');
    foreach($namearray as $val)

function add_name_fun_one()
    $namearray[] = array('k1'=> 'text3', 'k2' => 'text3');
    $namearray[] = array('k1'=> 'text4', 'k2' => 'text4');
add_action('name_fun_one', 'add_name_fun_one');
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    Please edit your question and explain what you want to achieve with more words, examples etc. It's not clear. – Fayaz Mar 15 '17 at 5:06

If you want to make the array filterable, use apply_filters() and add_filter(). Also, you have to pass the array as an argument to apply_filters() and expect it in your callback that is changing that array.

Here is a basic example with slightly more meaningful names:

First we have a function that is running over an array of color names and values in order to print these with a styled example. It offers a hook, so other code (theme, plugins) can change the colors: apply_filters( 'arr_colors', $colors );.

function print_colors()
    $colors = [
        'red'   => '#f00',
        'green' => '#0f0',
        'blue'  => '#00f',

    $colors = apply_filters( 'arr_colors', $colors );

    foreach ( $colors as $name => $color ) {
            '%1$s: <span style="background: %2$s;>&nbsp;</span><br>',

Now we create a callback function elsewhere that can change the color. Note the check for isset ( $colors['green'] ): There may be more than one callback listening on that hook, so green could have been removed already before our callback is running. Always keep that in mind.

 * @param  array $colors
 * @return array
function change_colors( array $colors )
    // remove red
    unset( $colors['red'] );

    // soften the green
    if ( isset ( $colors['green'] ) ) {
        $colors['green'] = '#5f5';

    // add fuchsia
    $colors['fuchsia'] = '#f0f';

    return $colors;

And now we register said callback for the hook in the first function:

add_filter( 'arr_colors', 'change_colors' );

That's all.


Your question is a little bit tough to understand. I think you want this.

Define the hook:

function sample_hook() {

    $namearray[] = array('k1'=> 'text1', 'k2' => 'text1');
    $namearray[] = array('k1'=> 'text2', 'k2' => 'text2');

    //you can add multiple args in do_action hook like do_action('sample_hook',$arg1,$arg2,$arg2); 


Attach your function to the hook using add_action:

add_action('sample_hook', 'sample_function');

function sample_function($namearray) {
  echo 'Hey, that is amazing.';

Don’t forget to add the following line of code to your page, wherever you want the content to be displayed:


If you want to return array this code must be work. Enjoy!!!

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