My https has just expired. I have switch my domain from https to http in wp_options table. But all my assets are still on https when I visited website, I got all assets link error with 404. How can I switch my assets back to http?

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Site: http://www.kingdynasty.com.au



You can try these:

  1. make sure the values changed in database

If you can't login to wp-admin > settings to confirm that, you can go to database, wp_options table and look for siteurl and home values

  1. add code to wp-config.php

Add these lines to wp-config.php

  1. Clear your cache

Make sure that you clear the cache from any cache plugins you're using and also from your browser

Also try adding this to wp-config.php (note "false")

  define( 'WP_CACHE', false );
  1. check https / ssl related plugins

You might be using any plugin which is causing this, like ssl insecure content fixer, etc.

  1. Cloudflare or other dns side redirect

Make sure that the site isn't using any dns based redirect

  1. disable all plugins and confirm

  2. change theme to default and check

Let me know any issues with this

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Your best bet would be to run a search and replace on your database. Run a backup first! Ideally you can do that through your host or WPCLI. If not, you could try a plugin like https://wordpress.org/plugins/better-search-replace/

Although getting a new SSL certificate should really be your priority here!

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