As everyone might be aware that there are many wordpress website builders in the market, Can anyone explain me whats the real difference between Theme Builders and Page Builders? I looked up in google but couldn't find the answer to it.


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So basically a 'page builder' is a drag-and-drop system for pages and posts. This way you can easily define where you want your content. Page builders are theme agnostic. (See for example Visual Composer)

A 'theme builder' is usually the theme options. Header/footer colours, sidebars, font's, etc. With a 'theme builder' you can edit the look of your website and sometimes choose different layout styles aswell. See for example the WordPress Customizer under appearance in the WP-Admin.

I hope this makes it a bit more clear. A theme builder usually comes with a theme. While a page builder is for creating the particular layout of pages. (While some themes offer a page builder. A lot are theme agnostic.)

  • customizer is a theme builder? i don't think so search for theme builder you will same result as page builder. Mar 11, 2017 at 15:42
  • @ArsalanMithani, In that case, there are no differences. But for the sake of this question; A THEME builder is more likely to be the options panel of your theme. And a PAGE builder for the layout of your pages. I suppose we should keep those things separate. Whether a page builder is being called a theme builder is irrelevant since that would extend this question very broadly and undefinable. Then again, if you think you have a better explanation, just add a Answer to this post.
    – xvilo
    Mar 11, 2017 at 15:50

Both seems same, same question came in my mind before & i've also searched and found almost same results on both queries WordPress Theme Builder & WordPress Page Builder

What they actually are:

Page Builders help you create your website pages like creating a page layout, put content with styling, images sections etc, simply page builders like Visual Composer gives you drag & drop layout facility with ready made template option as well to create a website page (like Home, About Us, Contact or whatever), aim is to create a desired layout for the page.

Theme General Options

With regards to changing theme General Settings like typography, skins, header, footer, blog layout etc. Most themes have builders for changing general settings (stated above), some are integrated in Appearence > Customize and some themes have their own different setting panel for changing design's general options, but these panels are theme specific while page builders help you create a layout in any theme.

I hope that's clear enough.

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