Typically if I wanted to have content based on what page someone was on I could do something like

if (is_page('contact')) {
    #code block here

but what about if what want is based on the category of posts? like if the user wanted to filter event type or by state, for this example, lets say by state. This is the current url


so not really a "page". I wanted to hide some menus and display others if they visit a specific category.

I found in the WordPress documentation that there is this a function for category, but not really sure how to implement anything in their documentation. https://developer.wordpress.org/reference/functions/is_category/

Perhaps something like

is_category( 'upcoming-events' ) {
    echo '<ul class="state">' . #the rest of the code here . '</ul>';


and really since I should not add the code there and use a template perhaps

is_category( 'upcoming-events' ) {
    echo <?php get_template_part('part-template-event-filter'); ?>;


For category check, the CODE would be:

if( is_category( 'upcoming-events' ) ) {

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