I'm trying to pass the value of a variable into do_action and then use it in the resulting function but it's not working. The action is being fired in the woocommerce checkout, so it also passes the $checkout variable as well, which is working fine. Simplified example below:

add_action( 'my_action', 'my_function' );
function my_function( $checkout, $myvar ) {
  var_dump ($checkout); //Works fine
  var_dump ($myvar); //Returns NULL

And then calling the action in the template like so:

$myvar = 1;
do_action( 'my_action', $checkout, $myvar );

I can't access $myvar at all in the function, any help appreciated.

  • Do not simplify the question, please. It becomes useless as there is no my_action action in WordPress so it's impossible to check.
    – Max Yudin
    Mar 8, 2017 at 21:38

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add_action() and add_filter() take 4 params: string $tag, callable $function_to_add, int $priority = 10, int $accepted_args = 1.

So, the function you are hooking to takes more than 1 param, then just pass the number of params it accepts as the 4th param to add_action(). In your case,

add_action ('my_action', 'my_function', 10, 2) ;

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