I added some Tags programmatically with wp_insert_term(), and later I call get_tags() to use them, but it returns an empty array, although they are inserted in the database.

Here is my code:


$tags = array(
    array('name' => 'Beachfront Escapes', 'slug' => 'beachfront-escapes'),
    array('name' => 'Group Holidays', 'slug' => 'group-holidays'),
    array('name' => 'City Breaks', 'slug' => 'city-breaks')

foreach ($tags as $tag) {
    if (!term_exists($tag['name'], 'post_tag')) {
        wp_insert_term($tag['name'], 'post_tag', array('slug' => $tag['slug']));


$tags = get_tags();
var_dump($tags); // empty array()

Am I doing something wrong?


Thanks to @Milo I could fix it. The problem was, that the tags were not assigned to any post.


$tags = get_tags(array('hide_empty' => false));

The hide_empty param do the trick.

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