Im fairly new to PHP so bare with me. So i have a sub menu in the backoffice settings and i need to grant an exception for this sub menu for specific users, but i have no ideia how to do that. This is the sub menu:

private function setup() {

        fm_register_submenu_page( 'app-items', 'options-page', 'Definições das Apps', 'Definições das Apps', 'edit_theme_options' );
        add_action( 'fm_submenu_app-items', array( $this, 'submenu_apps_init' ) );


public function submenu_apps_init() {

            $news_push = new Fieldmanager_TextField( 'Prefixo do push das notícias', array(
            'input_type'  => 'text',
            'description' => 'O prefixo escolhido será utilizado no push das notícias para a app',
            'attributes'  => array(
                'maxlength' => 40,

        $fm = new Fieldmanager_Group( array(
            'name'     => 'app-items',
            'children' => array(
                'news_push'     => $news_push,
        ) );

I need to add an exception for a specific role i have, that by default doesn't have the privileges to access this submenus.

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You can see here a list of roles and capabilities, if you want to check if the user has a certain role, you can:

$the_user = wp_get_current_user();//we get the current user
if ( in_array( 'the_name_of_your_role', (array) $the_user->roles ) ) {
    //the user has the rol, add the submenu here

you can use current_user_can if you want to check if the user has a specific capability, like this:

if( current_user_can( 'publish_pages' ) ){
    //the user has the capability do something here

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