I used this great one liner code to display with comma separated ID numbers of all attached images to a post. But I couldnt extract the featured image ID from it. How can I extract the featured image ID by using and adding this nice code?

$ids = join( ',', wp_list_pluck( get_attached_media('image' ), 'ID' ) );

got from How do I create Comma Separated list of attached image ids?

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If we want to exclude the featured post image then here's the one-liner updated:

$ids = join( ',', wp_filter_object_list( get_attached_media('image' ), [ 'ID' => get_post_thumbnail_id() ], 'NOT', 'ID' ) );

here it's expanded:

$ids = join( 
    ',',                                       // join array by comma
        get_attached_media('image' ),          // fetch attached images
        [ 'ID' => get_post_thumbnail_id() ],   // filter ID equal to featured image ID
        ' NOT',                                // filter operator: NOT
        'ID'                                   // pluck the IDs (only include)

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