(Using wordpress)I tried to find out what's the php code to display the length text of content and likely a clickable 'more' under the content to display my full content when somebody click (like in this picture - enter image description here ) but unfortunately I couldn't do it, this is the code I tried out so far:

$character == 40;

if (mb_strlen( get_the_content() < $character)

( have_posts() ) ( have_posts() ) : the_post();



the_content('Continue Reading...')


I highly think my code is not right, so if theres somebody out there to take a eye on and tell me if my code is incorrect or there's a other way to do this this I'd appreciate it alot :). Thanks in return!


Inside your loop use this:

<p><?php $excerpt = get_the_content(); if (strlen($excerpt) > 255) { $excerpt = substr($excerpt, 0, 255) . "..."; echo $excerpt; } ?></p>

Here get_the_content() will grab all the content but substr function will cut it down to 255, you can put any number you want.

Cheers !!!

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