I'm struggling to find the proper way to display the date at the front end of my theme. I am using metabox.io for custom fields in my custom post type.

The basic way to echo is this: echo rwmb_meta( 'ls_course-date-1'); ls_course-date-1 being my field id.

the documentation to display a pretty date is here but I don't know how I am meant to implement it. It refers to further documentation herebut again, I don't know how to implement. My php level is intermediate at best and whilst I've had no problem creating all of the arrays and returning most of them, I'm stuck here.

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The answer was much simpler than I thought.

            $date_meta = rwmb_meta( 'ls_course-date-3'); 
            echo date('jS F, o  ', strtotime($date_meta)); 

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