lots of my websites got malware code in all files. But I actually have a backup of that site as a very old version. I can not update everything because there might have a lot of problems will happen.

1/ I install old site version on local, and manually copy folder wp-admin, wp-include, plugins, theme.. everything from old to new site except child-theme. (this is a fastest way but I don't know there's any risk)?

2/ I backup old site completely and start working again (it will take a lot of time)

I can not freely try each way because although the site has problem, its displaying on server now and I am must not doing anything wrong or they are gonna kill me & they kill me hard. So please advice me if the first way is ok to do?? Thank you very much.


Depends on where the malware is. If the code is on pages generated by WP 'core' because core files are damaged, then a reinstall of WP to 4.7.2 is the starting point.

Then I would reinstall all themes files, at least the active theme. You could manually install the active theme file in a new folder, then switch to that theme. But a reinstall of theme files (manually, via FTP) should overwrite damaged files.

I would also do the same thing with active plugsin: reinstall plugin files manually (via FTP) from 'fresh' files.

So if the core/theme/plugin files have been damaged, reinstalling manually will fix those files (and will give you the latest updates).

If you have not been keeping WP/themes/plugins updated to latest versions (um, bad dog), then there may be some theme/plugin database changes.

A full backup of everything is important to do - not just database, but core/theme/plugin files. You could download all of those to a local computer, then manually inspect the files for bad code. That might tell you where the infection is coming from.

Good luck.

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