This is a twofold question :

  1. How can I customize message that jetpack posts on facebook when my post is published (select if title or excerpt are shown)? Sometimes it posts just article title with a link, and sometimes it posts excerpt from an article and a link below it.
  2. How can I use ACF (custom fields) with Jetpack publicize? I would like to construct custom text message from custom fields to show on facebook when auto publishing.

After a lot of work and coding I found out the solution.

This is the working code that you can easily understand. Place it in your theme functions.php file or in your custom plugin.

  • With the filter 'jetpack_open_graph_tags' you can change the OpenGraph tags read by socials in order to display the link with right thumbnail and link text.
  • With the action 'publicize_save_meta' you can change the value used to build the message in socials.

All my content are read from ACF fields by get_field('field_name', id);, but there can be everything.

Happy coding!

 * OpenGraph Tags in order to display the link correctly (image, text ecc..) in Facebook
function change_jetpack_og_publicize($tags) 
    global $post;

    Content of $tags

    //Overwrite if is singular
        //ACF fields
        $tags['og:description'] = strip_tags(get_field('testo', $post->ID));
        $tags['og:image'] = get_field('immagine', $post->ID)['url'];

    return $tags;
add_filter( 'jetpack_open_graph_tags', 'change_jetpack_og_publicize' );

 * Message to display in the Facebook Post
function change_jetpack_message_publicize($submit_post, $post_id, $service_name, $connection) 
    //ACF field
    update_post_meta( $post_id, '_wpas_mess', strip_tags(get_field('testo', $post_id)));
add_action( 'publicize_save_meta', 'change_jetpack_message_publicize', 10, 4 ); 
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