I want to make my custom terms to be sortable by users. I've created different links to let the user decide how they want to sort it.

<a href="?orderby=name&order=asc" data-target="#">Name ascending</a>
<a href="?orderby=name&order=desc" data-target="#">Name descending</a>

$orderby = get_query_var('orderby', 'name');
$order = get_query_var('order', 'ASC');

echo $orderby . " : " . $order;  
$args = [
    'number' => $tpp, // Amount of terms to return
    'offset' => $offset, // The amount to offset the list by for pagination
    'orderby' => $orderby,
    'order' => $order
 $actors = get_terms( 'myTaxonomy', $args );

It works properly if the query vars are set. But if no query var is provided, I always get DESC.

As the default value for $order although I defined ASC as default.
What am I missing?


The default value of get_query_var( $var, $default ) is only returned if the query variable $var isn't available in the global $wp_query object.

The order query variable actually falls back to the DESC value here:

if ( ! isset( $q['order'] ) ) {
    $q['order'] = $rand ? '' : 'DESC';
} ...

within WP_Query::get_posts(), so that's why it's used instead of your default value.

Be careful when applying native public query variables, to secondary queries, because they can also change the main query result.

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