I am considering to develop a new portfolio website in the form of a single page website. I do not know if this is a new concept, but I see it becoming popular for portfolio websites, it is also quite a handy form.

Now I want to create the about, portfolio, contact on one page, and have a normal blog on another page. So actually there is one single page, and one blog page.

To give you an example of the single page, here is a link to a tutorial that creates such a single page. But this is just a normal static page.


Now is the best way to go about this to just create a single page, and have all my content displayed there just formatted in one big pile of html.
Or is there a more elegant solution to do this. Maybe with several custom post types on a single page, or is this not possible or not efficient.

I am pretty new to wordpress, sorry for if this is a stupid Q

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here's how I would set things up, not necessarily the correct / best / only way.

  • create a home page, blog page, about page, contact page, etc.. as individual pages.
  • create a custom post type for my portfolio items.
  • use posts as the blog posts.
  • set static front page to my home page, blog page as the posts page.
  • create a front-page.php template, this will load whatever content I have in home by default.
  • use get_page and wp_query to load all of my pages and portfolio items into the template.
  • use a caching plugin to make it all nice and speedy
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    +1 wow this is great. Didn't think of it this way at all, and it will be quite easy for me. I have already set up separate pages etc and having portfolio items as custom post types. Only thing I then have to do i creating the front page and just pull everything in. GREAT!! Accepting answer soon. Aug 12, 2011 at 22:30

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