I create a new page in Wordpress and add a lot of text to it. how to add pagination to this WP page??

I have tried using <!––nextpage––> which doesn't work in a page.

*most of the pagination solutions available are for posts or page in which multiple posts are fetched and displayed. I specifically have single page with lot of text which I need to split into paged view.



Do you mean that you want to split your article into pages? Maybe you can try page break tag like this: https://winningwp.com/how-to-insert-a-page-break-in-a-wordpress-post-or-page/

Switch to text editor and insert wherever you need to break page with code below:


Hope this would help.

  • That works on a post, but it did not work on a page for me. – Amogh Feb 22 '17 at 10:13

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