I have a jquery script that will allow todays date to autopopulate the Date form tag in contact form 7 plugin. This is not a function that CF-7 can do without a script. I don't want my users to have to fill out the date field every time they log in.

I've got as far as knowing I need to install the script into a js directory and to call it in the plugin, but I don't know which directory!

I have a js directory in WP-Admin, one in WP-content/plugins/includes/contact-form7/js, and there is a js directory in WP-Includes.

I am using WP version 4.0.44

Here is the code I want to add, it is called "todays_date":

    var date = new Date();
        dateFormat: 'd-M-y'
    }).datepicker('setDate', date);

Thank you for any help. I've looked all over and can't find an answer that will help a complete newbie (to both WP and jquery) like me. I posted on the CF7 forum and got no answer. I did check this forum first but nothing specified doing this to customize a plugin.

Knowing how to add jquery scripts to plugins to perform functions the plug in cannot do will open up a lot of doors for me.

Thank you for any help.

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