I have set a page to be the posts page. So when I visit single posts the link for posts page in nav menu has a class 'current_page_parent'.

But when I visit single posts for a custom post type, then also it is adding 'current_page_parent' to the link for posts page.

How can I restrict it and not add the class when I visit single custom post types page.


I assuming you're using wp_page_menu() or wp_list_pages(). If so, then what you need to do is hook into the page_css_class filter, e.g.,

add_filter ('page_css_class', 'my_func', 10, 5) ;

my_func ($classes, $page, $depth, $args, $current_page_id)
    if (/* test condition */) {
        $classes = array_diff ($classes, array ('current_page_parent')) ;

    return ($classses) ;

where /* test condition */ is where you'd put your logic to decide when that class should be included.

  • thanks for the code. I used the nav_menu_css_class hook to solve the issue – Kiran Dash Feb 19 '17 at 7:10

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