The general guideline is that we should sanitize all user input before using them.

Now my questions is whether this applies to nonce or not.

Which one is correct?

wp_verify_nonce( sanitize_text_field( $_GET['some_nonce'] ), 'some_nonce' );


wp_verify_nonce( _GET['some_nonce'], 'some_nonce' );


Sanitizing is required when you are inserting user input into Database or outputting it in HTML etc. Here, you are simply doing a String comparison.

wp_verify_nonce function checks $nonce value like this:

if ( hash_equals( $expected, $nonce ) ) {
    return 1;

For this you don't need sanitizing. So the following is fine:

wp_verify_nonce( $_GET['some_nonce'], 'some_nonce' );
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