I need to generate a CSV report with information that is stored into a few custom fields of a custom post type. How do I list just the content of these custom fields, for all — or a subset — of these custom post types?

(I'm trying to use wp-cli to achieve this, because it's an extremely powerful and versatile tool that never failed me before. Sorry if I'm approaching it as an "X-Y problem"!)

For now all I got is wp post list --post_type=<MYCPT> --posts_per_page=1 to get me the most recent post, and then wp post meta list <ID> with the ID returned in the previous command.

This lists me all the custom fields for a single custom post. What I need, however, is the content of just a few custom fields, for all custom posts of this type.

I suppose I can write a bash script to iterate through everything and grep just the custom fields I want, but is there an easier way?

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I managed to achieve what I wanted by piping wp-cli with xargs and grep, like this:

wp post list --post_type=CPTNAME --field=ID | xargs -n 1 wp post meta list --format=csv | grep -E "^[[:digit:]]*,(CUSTOMFIELD1|CUSTOMFIELD2|...|CUSTOMFIELDN)" >> file.csv

This is, however, extremely slow, taking more than 30 minutes for 10 thousand CPTs.

I think a direct SQL query would be much, much more efficient.

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