I'm working on a local copy of a site that is online and I can't log in or reset password for my user and I can't figure out why. I can click to reset the password with the "forgot password" button and it says to check my email but nothing ever shows up. So I checked the database and it says the user has an activation code but no email ever showed up. Any idea what is going on? Is


Your local server probably has problems sending mail. There are ways to fix that, but it is probably easiest to change the password in the database directly. Since you've made a copy of your site I am going to assume you have access to the database through something like PhpMyAdmin. Follow these instructions to change the password: https://codex.wordpress.org/Resetting_Your_Password#Through_phpMyAdmin Short version: find your user in the wp_users table, type a new password in the user_pass column and make sure to select MD5 under functions.

To prevent this problem in the future you could install a SMTP mail plugin. There are quite a few in the plugin directory for this.

Good luck!

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