I have a custom post type called funerals and a page the lists all the posts part of that custom post type. To display a single page I create a file called single-funerals.php and that all works well. But, now I need to have another single post page that only displays a video for a funeral. How would I set that up and link to it from the main page that lists all the posts?

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As I answered here, since WordPress 4.7 Post-Type-Templates are enabled in the WordPress core.

That means that you can create multiple templates for the single post-type view. You create these templates like you would create a normal page template. But you need to add a little more code to these templates:

Template Name: Funerals Video Template 
Template Post Type: post, funerals 

So you will need to copy your single-funerals.php file, rename it, add some code like the above to the top of the file.

After this, you should see a template select box on the post and funerals edit-screen. (because I specified these 2 post-types with Template Post Type: post, funerals)

Read more about post-type-templates here.

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You could turn the single-funerals.php code into a 'page template', then use that template when you create the page.

Read about page templates here: https://developer.wordpress.org/themes/template-files-section/page-templates/

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you can create Post Type Templates It's default WordPress directories file. For More information:



single-{post_type}.php create this file where your single.php file


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