I'm having a weird issue with the email from name being set as @localhost when I send mails from a site. Im running on Nginx and PHP7.

Its consequently being rejected so I get a 500 on user registration.

I've tried setting the name, email address via functions.php, hardcoding the site urls in local-config, using SparkPost, turning off Cloudflare, confirming server name in nginx config and trying to do an ini_set in my local-config.

Any ideas?


What is the setting in your server /etc/hostname file? Based on wp_mail source code:

if ( !isset( $from_email ) ) {
    // Get the site domain and get rid of www.
    $sitename = strtolower( $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] );
    if ( substr( $sitename, 0, 4 ) == 'www.' ) {
        $sitename = substr( $sitename, 4 );
    $from_email = 'wordpress@' . $sitename;

What this means is that the name localhost is pick up from /etc/hostname.

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