I've been trying this for ages. I have this textarea in my plugin, that I'd like to replace with wp_editor. wp_editor gets the data but doesn't set it when changes are made.

Here's my textarea (it save's the data precisely):

        <textarea id="im_description<?php echo $rowimages->id; ?>"                                                                         placeholder="<?php echo __( 'Description', 'portfolio-gallery' ); ?>"
              name="im_description<?php echo $rowimages->id; ?>"><?php echo 
esc_html( stripslashes( $rowimages->description ) ); ?></textarea>

Here's my editor code (displays the data, but doesn't update it when i change it in the editor):

<?php wp_editor( $rowimages->description, 'mysecondeditor'); ?>

This would be a great tutorial for people who'd like to use the editor in their plugins.

EDIT: switched to wp_editor, because the_editor was deprecated.

EDIT no. 2: Done this update function but it doesn't seem to work. What am I doing wrong?

<?php if( isset( $_POST[$editor_id] ) )
update_post_meta( $content, 'editor_id', wp_kses( $_POST['editor_id'], $allowed ) );?>

My textarea:

<textarea rows="20" autocomplete="off" cols="40" name="im_description10" id="im_description10">text</textarea>

WP_edit text

<textarea id="im_description10" placeholder="Description" name="im_description10" style="height: 122px;" aria-hidden="false">text</textarea>

WP_edit rich

<body id="tinymce" class="mce-content-body im_description10 locale-lt-lt mceContentBody webkit wp-editor html4-captions" data-id="im_description10" contenteditable="true"><p>text</p></body>

First of all the the_editor() function has been deprecated and it's advised to use the wp_editor() instead.

Just to explain how the value is being saved, your value in the textarea isn't being saved by the textarea element but instead and most likely by update_post_meta.

To replace your textarea with wp_editor, you can define it as below:

$content   = stripslashes( $rowimages->description );
$editor_id = "im_description" . $rowimages->id;

wp_editor( esc_html( $rowimages->description ), $editor_id );
  • I still can't get how to save it. I would say maybe it's some problem with id or sth like that, because the textarea is being saved, without any update post function – Lukas Baranauskas Jan 25 '17 at 17:14
  • The element name is usually used as the identifier in POST requests name="im_description<?php echo $rowimages->id; ?>". Can you verify you have the same value for the name attribute when you use your textarea and wp_editor – Tunji Jan 27 '17 at 5:32
  • Seems like it, I've updated the topic with textarea html code, wp_editor text&rich html codes. – Lukas Baranauskas Jan 30 '17 at 13:34
  • Strange thing that it does update if I write text in the textarea, which has the same id and name. – Lukas Baranauskas Feb 3 '17 at 21:54

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