I am going to be mad. I wasted 4 hours due this error but I can't solve it. When I want to create a category, wordpress give this error. enter image description here

I deleted each file in my theme, but I can't found where is the error. Also I create functions-admin.php. İf you have a idea for where is the error, just tell me I will care of thats file.

Also, it's working my free host and local host. But in the different servers I took this error.

  • Try deactivating all of your plugins and activating one of the default theme to see if the error is localized to one of those items.
    – Welcher
    Jan 24, 2017 at 1:19

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Double comment blocks makes me the same problem:


... */


Try to remove all commented blocks from your functions.php or included sub-functions. Clean your functions.php and add one by one function and you will find the issue. Third thing was PHP passing by reference, try to avoid it.

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