I am trying to catch the username and the new password to update it on the backup server. I need to fetch $new_pass but the password always returns null.

add_action( 'password_reset', 'remote_password_update' );
function remote_password_update( $user, $new_pass ) {

        $username = $user->user_login; //THIS WORKS PERFECTLY
        $password = $new_pass; //THIS ALWAYS RETURNS NULL


This is pretty basic and straight forward, so I am not sure what the problem is. Any help is highly appreciated!


Note that:

add_action( 'password_reset', 'remote_password_update' );

is like calling:

add_action( 'password_reset', 'remote_password_update', 10, 1 );

where 10 is the default priority and 1 is the number of arguments.

You need:

add_action( 'password_reset', 'remote_password_update', 10, 2 );

with 2 as the number of arguments. Now you should be able to access the $new_pass input variable.

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