I have a site visibility in privacy settings set to allow search engines to see my site but for some reason when i go to the auto generated robots.txt file it shows

User-agent: * Disallow:

switching site visibility merely adds/removes a trailing slash ie "Disallow: /"

i have 2 related plugins "all in one seo tools" and "google xml sitemaps" but i disabled both of these to no avail

any ideas anyone .... i know how to override this with a manual sitemap but i'm trying to find out whether this is WordPress intended behavior and if so why

  • I think I found the answer to this. Apparently Disallow: with no trailing slash is the same as Allow All .... however google doesn't fully comply with this. There is a very good discussion here wordpress.org/support/topic/… Commented Aug 8, 2011 at 20:03

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Disallow with no trailing slash is the same as "allow all" - see here - nice find!

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