I have WordPress website with Newspaper Theme and I have a problem with the Menu.

Link: demo2.tmanow.net

I have 2 problems:

  1. The menu mobile show up in left side even i in desktop mode, this not should be displayed,just if i in mobile mode...
  2. From my mobile the menu also open autumaticlly and this not good..

I tried to play some hours with the Css, but the problem still exist..

how can i fix that ?

regards, Tomer. enter image description here

  • if you have two accounts please merge them. Do not try to edit questions by one account from another account
    – cjbj
    Commented Jan 17, 2017 at 19:00
  • The URL is dead so can't actually see it. Commented Mar 27 at 14:11

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For question #1 I don't see the menu on desktop as you described.

For question #2 the menu looks very weird and I can't think of a quick solution. What did you use to create the menu? Is is the default theme menu?

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