I want to change the title tag in the edit page, so that I can read the title of my edit page in my browser tabs:

function edit_admin_title_tag() {
global $post;
    $title_tag = '<title>'. $post->post_title .'</title>';
   echo  $title_tag;
add_action( 'admin_head', 'edit_admin_title_tag' );

How can I delete/overwrite the default title tag?


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I found my the solution (filter hook admin_title) in Change page title in admin area

function my_admin_title($admin_title, $title) {
  global $post, $action;
  if($action == 'edit' ) {
    $admin_title_tag = '* ' . $post->post_title;
    return $admin_title_tag; 
add_filter('admin_title', 'my_admin_title', 10, 2);

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