I've made a custom page for my wordpress website which will return custom results based on the data in the URL (not a search page).

Here's what it does:

The url is something like http://example.com/CustomPage/BlaBla, while landing on the page, it is supposed to read the last part (which is BlaBla) and return results based upon that.

But i'm getting a 404 error page every time. However i can use a query like http://example.com/CustomPage?query=BlaBla and do the trick, but i want the link to have a structure like the 1st one.

Is it possible to achieve this? Any help is appreciated.


It's completely possible to achieve this by using custom rewrite rules. Right now I don't have the opportunity to give you the actual code for it, but you can check the documentation for add_rewrite_rule() in the Codex. It's pretty straightforward if you add a custom parameter to the rewritten URL.

Actually, you already have the almost exact parameters for the function in your question.


take a look at the Rewrite tag.

You can define custom tag and queries, and rewrite your custom URLs. After defining custom tag, follow this link and make a rewrite rule to create your new structure.

It's pretty easy if you follow the examples in these 2 links.

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