First Please open this link: http://www.infoproductexpert.com .

Now you will find Multiple category in the left panel.

I have created a custom post_type. This post_type name is "product". Under this post_type I have added category under each product. So that as per product, I can separate the link.

Requirement 1

If you click any category, it is showing something like this: http://www.infoproductexpert.com/category/green-energy-products/

But I want to change this to http://www.infoproductexpert.com/green-energy-products/ . Thats mean, I do not want to show this post_type.

Requirement 2

Also if you click any product under each category, it is showing something like this: http://www.infoproductexpert.com/product/diy-home-energy/ . But I want to see this : http://www.infoproductexpert.com/green-energy-products/diy-home-energy/. It's meaning product must be showing under each category and do not want to show post_type here also.

Can anyone please help me, how can I do this?

This is really important to me.

Waiting for your reply.

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To remove category from your URL do:

  1. Go to Setting > Permalinks
  2. Select Custom Structure
  3. Add /%category%/%postname%/ after your domain
  4. Change Category Base to period/dot.

Read this blog https://jonnyjordan.com/blog/how-to-remove-category-from-your-urls-in-wordpress/enter image description here

  • You can't remove category base this way, any pagination beyond the first page will 404.
    – Milo
    Commented Jan 13, 2017 at 17:11

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