How can I change the ordering of menu items -- for example to make 'Wordfruit Copywriters' appear before 'How can you sell more of your product?' here: http://richardclunan.com/

Thanks, Richard

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Go to appearance -> menus section. Here you can create menus, add menu items and drag them around to place it to your desired place.

Alternatively, you can set up the menu order of a page. Just click edit page and you will see the menu order it should be under Page attribute section.


From your Wordpress dashboard, go to Pages. Click Quick Edit and change the Order parameter on all of the pages to reflect the order you want.


Go to APPEARANCE and then MENUS and int that area it allows you to drop and drag items to reorder the menu bar and the menu which appears on a smart phone. It’s very simple and much quicker than reordering all the pages (which I’ve done by the way … but it didn’t work for me).

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