I have followed guidelines to prevent wordpress from generating many different sizes for individual images uploade via the sizes for thumbnail, medium and large to 0 in Settings>Media and have gotten rid of all instances of add_image_size and set_post_thumbnail_size in the functions.php file of my theme. However, when I upload new images, Wordpress is still generating a 768px width version beyond the original full size. I believe it has something to do with this update but am wondering if there is any way to prevent it from happening? I believe I have read some threads where people have achieved it inadvertently trying to do something else, but I'm looking for a clearcut method.

  • You do realize that WordPress does this to reduce server load and speed up your site, right? – Kenneth Odle Jun 20 '17 at 1:52

To remove the medium_large image size you can try to remove it with the intermediate_image_sizes filter:

add_filter( 'intermediate_image_sizes', function( $sizes )
    return array_filter( $sizes, function( $val )
        return 'medium_large' !== $val; // Filter out 'medium_large'
    } );
} );

Not sure if you're trying to remove all the intermediate sizes, but then you could try out:

add_filter( 'intermediate_image_sizes', '__return_empty_array', 999 );

where __return_empty_array()` is a built-in core function.

We should note that it's not possible to remove it with

remove_image_size( 'medium_large' );

because it's not added with add_image_size() and therefore not part of the $_wp_additional_image_sizes global array or wp_get_additional_image_sizes();

  • yes it's also possible to change the medium_large_size_w option to 0, but we can't do it via /wp-admin/options.php because it seems to have problem with a 0 value there (that's actually what I tried first before writing the answer ;-), so we need to set it via settings API or manually in the wp_options table. – birgire Jan 9 '17 at 10:57

Remove image size the same way wordpress core code does it:

add_filter('intermediate_image_sizes', function($sizes) {
    return array_diff($sizes, ['medium_large']);

Keep in mind that medium_large is generally a good size to have in srcset, only remove it if you have understanding how srcset works, if you have similar sizes there already.


this will work

function paulund_remove_default_image_sizes( $sizes) {
    unset( $sizes['medium_large']);
    return $sizes;


  • While this did not create the image itself it did however create the entry in the attachment array, so a fake entry with the 769x at the end of the url. Using the default filder intermediate_image_sizes did get rid of making the image and not showing an entry for it in the array. – lowtechsun Mar 9 '18 at 1:20

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