I just tried updating my live wordpress site to the latest version of wordpress and i think the update stopped due to network interruption or something. But now i can't access my wp-admin again. Each time i type in the URL, it refers me to: http://mywordpresssite.com/wp-admin/upgrade.php?_wp_http_referer=%2Fwp-admin%2F

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If the update wasn't completed, you can finish it manually. Download the latest version of wordpress from https://wordpress.org/download/. After this, remove wp-admin and wp-includes folders and upload via FTP everything from the archive, except wp-content. Be sure to rewrite existing files.

To complete the update, go to your wp-admin and do the database update.

P.S. If there is a .maintenance in the root folder (probably public_html), remove it so the site leaves the Maintenance mode.

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