Im trying to get titles from IDs in string, but I'm getting stucked when I want to use get_the_title() function and receving error

implode(): Invalid arguments passed

$act_name = explode(',', $unserialized['_gravity_form_lead']['9']);
$titles = implode(', ', get_the_title($act_name)); 

where $unserialized['_gravity_form_lead']['9'] returns string like 3115,3116

any ideas?

  • get_the_title accepts a single post ID and returns a string. you are trying to pass an array, and using the result as if it is an array. – Milo Dec 28 '16 at 17:36

get_the_title takes an int, not an array of ints, and therefore returns a string, not an array of strings.

So just break that bit out into a loop:

$titles = '';
foreach ($act_name as $act_name_item) {
  $titles .= ($titles ? ',' : '') . get_the_title ($act_name_item);
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