I have created a custom sidebar widgets using below code :

        'id' => 'sidebar-widget-1',
        'name' => 'Sidebar Widget 1',
        'before_widget' => '',
        'after_widget' => '',
        'before_title' => '',
        'after_title' => '',


and it is showing in Appearance -> Widgets and it is also showing content on frontend using dynamic_sidebar('Sidebar Widget 1').

But I want to get content of this register_sidebar by using its id into a variable.

How to get sidebar content by using its id?


In your sidebar.php or any other custom sidebar file call by ID like this

<?php get_sidebar('sidebar-widget-1'); ?>

Not like this

<?php get_sidebar('Sidebar Widget 1'); ?>

See the difference, I used ID in get_sidebar() function instead of name.

Now where ever you want sidebar appear in front-end, there call it like this

<?php get_sidebar('sidebar-widget-1'); ?>
  • Hello @Rishabh, I want to get sidebar content one by one with all options in a variable. – Vinaya Maheshwari Dec 28 '16 at 8:57
  • @Vinaya Maheshwari Sorry, Didn't get your point. What u mean by one by one and options of what variable? – Rishabh Dec 28 '16 at 9:26

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