I have a page template has 2 columns. Each column has a loop for a single custom post type, with pagination.

The pagination links work for both columns, when you click any number it will take you to the page# for BOTH post types (there's a "sorry no more posts" message if one post type runs out of posts)

I want to maintain this functionality, but combine the pagination into only 1 section that checks the total number of posts for BOTH post types and creates the links based on that number, rather than having 2 separate link lists below each column.

How can I combine the pagination from these 2 loops OR combine the master loop but still break the posts into 2 columns, by post type?

I have already tried a few things

  1. 1 loop, 2 post types (do not know how to break this into 2 columns) http://pastebin.com/JyDgW0J3
  2. 2 loops, 2 columns, 2 paginations http://pastebin.com/k4Kp9t9s


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re 2. two loops, one pagination link: remove the individual paginations; add this at the end:

$max = max($ideas_query->max_num_pages,$opinions_query->max_num_pages);
if (function_exists('custom_pagination')) {

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