I came across this coupon website that uses a URL structure something like the below one for its affiliate links.


When clicked on the link, it will be automatically redirected from example.com to http://tracking.affiliate-link.com&aff_id=123

I know there are a lot of plugins for WordPress that let you cloak the affiliate links. But those plugins require you to manually add the links in the plugins page first.

I was wondering how to achieve the above shown redirect. That is, simply add https://example.com/?offers=/ in front of the actual affiliate link and it should be redirected.

Is there anyway I can achive this?


You can add ?offers=/http://tracking.affiliate-link.com&aff_id=123 after your link and then check in the destination page (in this case the homepage) if is set $_GET['offers'], and in the case that it is, redirect to the content of the var, which is the url.

In the Wordpress system I would create a page called "Offers" that would be in example.com/offers. You can create a page template attached to this page, and there check if the link sent by get parameters is what you want, and in case it is, redirect the user.

A simple page template would be something like this:

<?php  /*   Template Name: Offers   */ ?>
<?php if(isset($_GET['offers'])){
    wp_redirect( $_GET['offers'] );
} ?>

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