When someone register to my site, they must fill this field (as user meta data) :

  • Name : A
  • Country: B
  • Region: C

so.. when I or other author was log in , I need a link that will display all post from the people who have same country & region with me .. how I can do that?

P.S : I build my registration form with "ultimate member" plug in

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Unfortunately I don't have time to write the code, but here's what you need to do essentially:

  • Get the current author ID
  • Get the country-field for that user ID. Save this in a $variable.
  • In the loop, before the HTML output code, get the author ID and then get the country-field for that user ID. Store this in $variable2.
  • Then, wrap the HTML output code in an if-statement where you check if $variable === $variable2.

That is essentially how you do it. If no one else has later on, I will write some code for you, but right now I don't have time.

  • @awangfaisal So do I need to write the code or not? Commented Dec 20, 2016 at 7:25

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