I am beginner in wordpress and I want to know how can I add links in .po file.

Basically I am using Loco Translate to change language text in plugins and theme.

But I need to add Login page link in that text so user should click on link and

after login success user should same.

  • ok but how can add links in there?
    – Pravin
    Dec 16, 2016 at 12:03

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Don't add links, no need for HTML in there:

How about this:

$anchor = esc_html_x( 'Google', 'link text for google.com', 'txt-domain' );
$domain = esc_url( __( 'google.com', 'txt-domain' ) );  
$link   = sprintf( '<a href="https://%s">%s</a>', $domain, $anchor );

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