How to call get_template_part() with custom permalink, I use childTheme from twentytwelve. In my theme I want to call popular post with get_template_part().

ex. If I call link http: //domain.com/popular I want to show file popular.php (location: childtheme-name/popular.php)

please help.

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Mapping of URL directly to a template file you describe (mapping URL to a file) is quite rare technique in WordPress, sometimes called static pages.

It is rare because in general that's not how WordPress works. It works by mapping URL to query variables to WP_Query to template hierarchy to template file. Going from URL to a file skips a lot of mandatory steps.

The low key implementation would be to create a page and make your file a custom page template for it.

The more direct implementation is also possible, but you would have to both build a custom rewrite rule and implement processing it from scratch.


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