I'm new at this.

I need a shortcode that returns the post id of the post in which the shortcode is inserted.

If someone could provide that it would open the doors of understanding for me :)

Much appreciated!

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Place the below code to your themes functions.php or inside your plugin and the [return_post_id] shortcode will print the post ID.

add_shortcode( 'return_post_id', 'the_dramatist_return_post_id' );

function the_dramatist_return_post_id() {
    return get_the_ID();

Hope that helps.


Shortcode: Embeddable Post Excerpts

After installing the shortcode (follow steps 1 + 2 below) you can execute it anywhere WordPress accepts shortcodes. To connect to a post, you simply need to enter the post ID you wish to display:


  • Link is ok, but you should also provide some code in case that someday the link will stop working and your answer becomes useless.
    – Picard
    Jul 14, 2017 at 19:08

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