I desperately need to be able to display something exactly like this:


5 columns of custom post type posts sorted alphabetically by custom taxonomy with paging.

I have seen this plugin AZIndex plugin (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/azindex) but it does not load custom post types or custom taxonomies. I am willing to sponsor a mod if someone can help out with this asap. Thanks.

Or help with the raw query code as I am a decent WP coder but not good with column output.

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Plugin by default works with two deafult WordPress taxonomies 'category' and 'post_tag '. As you already know WordPress has three built in taxonomies 'category', 'post_tag' and 'link_category'. Further, plugin trace two WordPress post types 'post' (normal posts) and 'page'. When you know this and that, you can easily modify plugin to index your_custom_taxonomy and your custom_post_type.

You need to modify two files: az-index-admin.php and az-index-cache.php. If you don't need to index your posts, the most easiest way to make it work with custom post/taxonomy is to change 'category' into ' your_custom_taxonomy' ($taxonomy), (there is several occurrences in both files) and to change 'post' into 'your_post_type' ($object_type), there is several occurrences in az-index-cache.php. And that's it. Of course, with little extra effort you can add your custom taxonomy (not change 'category') but this is for sure the most easiest way to make it.


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