I have a main website http://iwillbeawebdeveloper.co.uk/

And then I have individual blog posts such as the slug of i-was-a-web-developer at the same address (not allowed to post more than two links).

However I have no front-page for the blog itself, listing all the blogs. http://iwillbeawebdeveloper.co.uk/blog/ just takes me to a directory structure.

I believe it is caused by a folder called “blog” in my file structure. If I delete it, I can then see my blog temporarily, until I do anything such as pressing refresh.

The empty folder then quickly recreates itself.

Can anyone kindly advise what I may have done wrong!

Thanks James

  • "The empty folder then quickly recreates itself." This doesn't sound like WordPress. What else you got going on in your filesystem? Commented Dec 9, 2016 at 16:23
  • I'm not sure what the best way to show you is - I have put a screenshot of the root structure on flickr flickr.com/photos/26455180@N03/30726528423/in/dateposted-public Thanks for responding - it has been driving me crazy for a week now! So tempted to just delete the whole site and try again. Even worse, when I upload images the thumbnails don't work either. I can view the image when I try to edit them, but the thumbnails just show as invalid image on back-end and when trying to use get_thumbnail Commented Dec 9, 2016 at 19:55

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Finally worked it out - I noticed that the upload path was wrongly set that is why a folder called blog appeared. I've changed that and deleted the blog folder. All is working.

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