I am a Maker. I am new to wordpress.com. I have registered a domain like example.com with the help of bluehost. I have got access to cpanel. There I installed wordpress for example.com/wp instead of example.com. Now my webpage is displayed on net as example.com/wp.

I want to uninstall and re-install wordpress again for example.com/. I want all the old stuff/files to be purged (There is no data on the website as of now). Can anyone help me for this? I am really new to this. Please help me with step-by-step instructions for this.


Instead of delete, you can move all files from /wp to root folder.

Then use this script to replace url from example.com/wp to example.com inside the database https://interconnectit.com/products/search-and-replace-for-wordpress-databases/

Follow these few steps.

  1. Move all your website files to root from /wp folder.
  2. Upload the script folder to your web root.
  3. Browse to the script file URL in your web browser. eg. http://example.com/Search-Replace-DB/
  4. Fill in the fields as needed.
  5. Hit on run button

It will replace all your old string to your new string inside the database.

  • @markratledge older version(2.1.0) of search and replace script is much easier to use, than the latest one. – Govind Kumar Dec 7 '16 at 7:14

Move Site No need to Delete

Step-1 : Login to Cpanel and move all folder to root folder (Normally public_html)

Step-2 : Now,Show hidden file and rename htaccess file.

Step-3 : Goto Database (i.e. phpmyadmin) and open wp_options table.Change site_url and home_url make it to (http://example.com)

Step-4 : Login to admin panle go to Settings and update paramlinks.

Step-5 :That's it.

Some Issue while Move site

  1. Home Page not displayed : Go to appreance and active theme again.

  2. Admin is not open or white screen: Reupload all except wp-content folder

  3. 404 Page Not Found : Remove htaccess and update paramlinks

  4. Site navigate to old url : change home_url and site_url

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