I am the owner of a small company that makes wordpress websites for entrepeneurs. When we go to a customer, we want to show some examples of themes we could be going to use. We want the themes to display some information of the customer, like a logo. a header title and some personal information. We will probably be adding this information through the Customizer of the theme(s).

This will result in 3 different themes with identical information.

We can make 3 different databases and change the wp-config.php file to the right database name when we want to show a different theme, but we were wondering if there was another solution?

We only have 1 domain available, so it's not possible to put each theme on a different domain..

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    Why won't just switching theme in admin work? Also domain limitation sounds strange, even if you only own one domain, spinning up subdomains is pretty typical, especially if you need it for work (and in theme dev you kind of do). – Rarst Dec 5 '16 at 17:32

If you're going to be visiting clients to show them your templates I would personally recommend installing Wordpress on your local computer by following the instructions on the below page.


Once you have installed Wordpress locally you could make a backup of your live Wordpress site and restore it on your local computer by following this guide.


Doing it this way you're not limited by your hosting providers 1 site only policy. You can also make modification without it affecting your live website in any way. You'll also avoid the embarrasing moment of not knowing whether it's a clients internet connection that's slow or the server the website sits on.


Have a look at "theme switching" plugins – there are a few free and premium plugins that let you switch the theme from front end.

One free theme switcher plugin that seems to be updated regularly is MDC Theme Switcher:

"Upon activation, it adds a sricky bar to front-end with a dropdown list of availabe themes. Admin can select which of the installed themes should be available in this list."

  • Ugh, was curious to check that plugin out (I developed similar one) and their implementation to just switch theme by arbitrary input without any security checks whatsoever seems waaay dangerous. – Rarst Dec 5 '16 at 17:29
  • oh good to know! Thank you for leaving a note about this… – tillinberlin Dec 5 '16 at 21:14

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