I'm using a child theme based on Theme Nectar's Salient WordPress theme, and I'm encountering a frustrating issue in attempting to modify the text that displays for a sticky nav sub-menu in a collapsed (mobile) state. After digging through the parent theme files, I'm seeing that the php code responsible for the submenu, located in a "nectar-vc-addons" sub-folder, is as follows:

echo '<a href="#" class="mobile-menu-link"><i class="salient-page-submenu-icon"></i>'.__('Menu',NECTAR_THEME_NAME).'</a><ul  style="background-color:'.$bg_color.'; color: '.$link_color.';" >'.do_shortcode($content).'</ul>';

This results, in part, in the following markup being generated for the menu:

<a href="#" class="mobile-menu-link">
    <i class="salient-page-submenu-icon"></i>

All I want to do is change this "Menu" text to something different, and there doesn't appear to be a theme option to do so; and I'd like to avoid altering the PHP in the theme file so it's not overwritten in the event of a theme version upgrade.

I realize I can use some jQuery trickery to alter the string, but I'm wondering if there's some way I can change the text in the functions.php file in my child theme or some other way? I'm open to CSS approaches as well perhaps using psuedo elements, but I can't come up with anything that works in changing the text within the anchor element and keeping the icon. Any assistance here is greatly appreciated!

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You can leverage the use of the gettext filter to change the text. Add this code to your child theme's functions.php or to a plugin:

add_filter('gettext', 'wpse248225_change_text', 20, 3 );
function wpse248225_change_text( $translated_text, $untranslated_text, $domain ) {
    if ( NECTAR_THEME_NAME !== $domain ) {
        return $translated_text;        

    // Make the changes to the text
    switch( $untranslated_text ) {
            // Change 'Menu' text
            case 'Menu':
                $translated_text = __( 'something different', 'text_domain' );

            // add more items

    return $translated_text;        
  • Wow, that is exactly what I was looking for, thank you, Dave! Works like a charm. One question-- why the name wpse248225_change_text?
    – nickpish
    Dec 3, 2016 at 22:58
  • Awesome, you got it! That is just a naming convention used here on WPSE so that functions have a unique name. It's just wpse_ + {question ID (from URL)}. You can safely replace that with your own prefix and replace text_domain with your own text domain string too. Dec 3, 2016 at 23:01
  • Ah, got it-- makes sense; I will keep that in mind for the future on this forum! Last question-- what is the purpose of the text_domain portion?
    – nickpish
    Dec 3, 2016 at 23:05
  • 1
    That's just a unique identifier. Each plugin and theme should use its own unique text domain string. It allows for specific targeting of strings, such as in the example I posted. We just targeted the string Menu for the NECTAR_THEME_NAME text domain. (Side note, your parent theme is going against the guidelines by using a constant for the text domain; it should be a string.) More on translation stuff here. Dec 3, 2016 at 23:10
  • Got it, thanks so much for the explanation, Dave. It's also not surprising that the parent theme is going against the guidelines-- I think it's crazy the "Menu" string is effectively hardcoded into the theme component this way in the first place.
    – nickpish
    Dec 3, 2016 at 23:14

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